Hair Extensions

At Colourhouse we are proud to be a certified Great Lengths salon

Hair, wonderfully enhanced with extensions by Great Lengths. Be charmed by infinite possibilities.  Vitality, love for life and a healthy dose of self-confidence

Thanks to Great Lengths nowadays anybody can enhance their appearance. We offer the highest quality strands of real hair for top level hair extensions and thickening.

To be able to produce top quality extensions, ‘Great Lengths’  pay close attention to two characteristics of the raw hair

  • First, the cuticles must be completely intact so the extensions can develop their shine entirely naturally.
  • Secondly, the hair must be Remy quality, so supplied sorted in the same direction to protect the cuticles and prevent tangling.

All hair products are ethically sourced.

Please read our FAQ’s document or contact the salon for more details.

Price List

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