Treatment Rituals

Take a moment to relax and experience the ultimate in hair cleansing and repair. Aveda’s plant-powered hair treatments use micro technology and aroma-therapeutic essential oils to penetrate the individual strands of your hair, with both hair and scalp working in harmony, sharing energy and nutrients, creating the perfect foundation for beautiful hair.


Price List

Ritual 1

5 min express treatment

Ritual 2

Moisture Treatment


Improves hair by up to 68% using the power of buriti and pomegranate oils, leaving strands soft, silky and shiny. Includes a head massage.
Repair Treatment
Improves damaged hair by up to 84% using quinoa protein and sugar beet derived amino acid, leaving strands strong, supple and healthy-looking. Includes head massage.
Pramasana Scalp Treat your scalp like skin—because it is!
Step 1 Exfoliation: The Pramasana brush designed with loops rather than bristles to loosen build-up and impurities while increasing micro-circulation in preparation for optimal cleansing
Step 2 Cleanse: Cleanse your scalp. Shampoo is for hair. Deeply, yet gently cleanses and purifies the scalp to help instantly balance sebum levels using plant-derived cleansing agents from babassu to purify the scalp.
Step 3 Balance & Protect: Helps to balance sebum levels to maintain the purity of the scalp at the root of the hair by penetrating the surface layers of the scalp to nourish and help support its natural protective barrier.
Formulated with Aveda’s exclusive blend of ingredients that helps balance, protect and support the scalp’s natural barrier to help maintain a clean, healthy-feeling scalp foundation, feeling nourished, soothed and comfortable all day.